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Mastery English

Our vision


Learning to write is one of the most important skills children learn, since it is used, not only through their school life, but is also an essential life skill. Writing can be extremely difficult because it involves handwriting, spellings, punctuation and grammar, as well as knowing what we want to write. At St. Mary's, our intent is that we are dedicated to ensuring that our children achieve not only the key skills required, but also that they believe in their own abilities and develop a love of writing. We care that all our students are able to progress through the school, building on previous knowledge, embedding skills and enabling them to leave Year 6 with writing skills that will carry them through, and support, their future learning.

To implement this vision, we believe that Reading is at the heart of achieving within writing. At St. Mary's we have recognised this and our writing lessons are underpinned with core Reading values. From Year 2 to Year 6 we have introduced Mastery English as our daily English lesson. 

A Mastery English lessons ensures that:

  • Pupils believe they can achieve - they want to learn and enjoy learning English
  • Teachers convey the message that progress is made through engagement and effort, expects every child to succeed, and is enthusiastic about the learning expected
  • Every lesson has the whole class on the tables and available to children
  • Comprehension, EGPS and writing development are woven into the lesson
  • Every lesson follows the 6-part lesson flow model of: engage, introduce, consider and practice, deepen learning, independent task and reflection.

The lessons are rooted in one core book, per term, so that children develop a love for a particular author and really engage with a story, through a deeper understanding of the text. Each topic is broken down into two-week mini topics, focusing on a particular writing style, which is taught through the main text, but also draws on relevant, alternative texts.

Mastery English Long Term Plan

Mastery English Writing Progression

Mastery English Reading Progression