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Reading at Home

Reading at Home 


All children from F2 to Year 6 will be given a reading record and a school book, or books, to take home to read to an adult. We expect our children to read at least three times a week at home. 

Reading Records and Books   

Children need to bring their reading record and book back to school every day. We ask adults at home to write in reading records. We would like you to write the date, book, pages read and who you are – you don’t need to write anything else! 

Children’s reading records will be checked daily by a Teaching Assistant who will tick the record every time a child has read at home. Children get a sticker and a ClassDojo every time they read at home. When children read three times a week, we will stamp their reading record with a special stamp. 


Books for Read, Write Inc Children 

When our children are still learning the sounds that letters make, we will send home a Read, Write Inc book and a Book Bag Book. The Read, Write Inc book has already been taught, practised and discussed in lessons. The purpose of re-reading these familiar stories is for children to develop confidence and to develop fluency. The Book Bag Book includes familiar sounds and the sounds just taught; we ask that children read both books. 


Books for children who have finished Read, Write Inc and Key Stage Two children 

Once children have mastered phonics, they will move on to Book Bands. Books are levelled using colours and children are given the colour most appropriate to their current ability after completing a reading age test; we do these three times a year. 

Reading Challenge

We have divided the challenge into five levels; to pass each level your child needs to have read twenty times at home, and they will receive a reward for each level passed.


> Level One - A Bookmark

> Level Two - A Pencil

> Level Three - A Wristband

> Level Four - A Badge

> Level Five - An invitation to attend a ‘Milkshake and Biscuits’ event.