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Welcome toSt Mary'sCatholic Primary School

Reading for Pleasure

Our Vision 

We want our children to read a variety of books for enjoyment. We want to develop stamina, confidence and the ability to discuss preferences. We will offer a children a varied diet of books including a range of authors, a range of genre and classics. Most importantly, we want our children to become life-long readers. 


Story Time 

At St. Mary’s we read to our children every day. We take two approaches: the reading spine and the core books.

The Reading Spine 


We have chosen to adopt the Pie Corbett Reading Spine. Pie Corbett is a Literacy expert and he has devised lists of books, which he considers to be essential books. 


Imagine a primary school where, over seven or eight years, children are read to, enjoy, discuss and work with a core of around 80 books. These ‘essential reads’ would be a store of classics, creating a living library inside a child’s mind. This is the ‘reading spine’. Schools that have a reading spine build a common bank of stories that bind the community together.” Pie Corbett, Literacy expert 


We read these to our children and will provide linked resources to allow our children to immerse themselves in the language and story of high quality texts.



Core Books 


We have written Core Book Lists that will enable us to achieve the above vision. We will encourage our children to read books from the core book list by reading from the list every Friday. In KS1, this will be ‘First Read Friday’; we will read a whole text then ensure there are copies of these in the reading corner for our children to enjoy again. In KS2, this will be ‘First Chapter Friday’; we will read the first chapter to hook our children then provide copies of the book in reading corners for children to read.

Reading Corners 


We provide comfortable, visually appealing, well-organised and thoughtfully stocked reading corners in our classrooms. Our books are well-considered to ensure a variety is provided and we rotate these to maximise interest. To encourage knowledge acquisition, we always provide a range of books linked to the curriculum. In KS2, we also provide books linked to our Mastery English text to enable our children to identify commonalities and differences in themes, characters and settings.

Book Exchange 


In our main entrance, we have a Book Exchange. This is where any child can bring a book from home that they no longer want and exchange it for another – it’s as simple as that!