St Mary'sCatholic Primary School


Welcome toSt Mary'sCatholic Primary School

Curriculum Vision

At St. Mary’s, we want our children to become confident learners who are able to articulate their opinions based on a wide knowledge and experience base. We want our children to be able to listen to, and respond respectfully to, the views of others accepting that these may be different to their own. We want our children to understand that they are valued, and loved, by God.


We want our children to accept their individuality with confidence, and to be tolerant and respectful of others differences and similarities. We want to equip our children with the skills required to enthusiastically take an active place in the world with an understanding and appreciation of the existence of a wider community beyond their own.


We want to equip them with the necessary mental-health tools and emotional resilience to thrive in their futures and to contribute meaningfully and with pride to the communities in which they will live as adults. These principles underpin our curriculum design at St. Mary’s.