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Information for Parents

Please contact Mrs Seddon - Inclusion Manager if you require any other advice or information.


Genuine Partnerships: Building Trust by Promoting Equal Voice


Beginning in September 2020 we will be working with Rotherham Charter's Genuine Partnership Team.  We aim to develop our relationships with parents/carers of SEND children in line with the Genuine Partnership's four cornerstones:


Welcome and Care

Value and Include


Work in Partnership

Developing and nurturing each of these areas to build TRUST.


Mrs Smith one of our parent governors will also be working with us.


Genuine Partnerships are a friendly team made up of skilled practitioners, parents and carers, and young people, with a diverse range of experiences.  They work with schools, colleges etc. to further develop involvement of parents and carers, children and young people, adults and families at a range of levels.


Please follow the link below to visit the Genuine Partnerships website.


Sleep advice for adults and children during the Coronavirus pandemic